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I managed to get some productive things done besides drag my sleepy ass to class this morning. I signed up for my fall semester classes today. I'm taking Abnormal Psychology, Creative Writing, Math, and Psychology of Happiness. I didn't get much choice for my humanities class. When I went to see what was available, only two classes popped up. That means that they were only offering two classes. It was either Psychology of Happiness or some honor-leveled class. The honor-leveled class didn't sound that interesting, to be honest. This is my first major semester after taking a break from college.

The other classes...well...I've been meaning to take them for awhile.

For the math class I am taking at the moment, I am holding a 'B'. I haven't gotten a good grade since I took my Business Math class back in high school. I failed this class two times before. This is the third time I am taking it, and finally it is starting to make some sense. I'm no math genius or anything. I loath math. But, I will pass this class with a 'B' or higher. I'm determined. No crazy friends who make me miss class, no confusion over slope and y-intercept, no dying when it comes to the area of some odd-looking shape. I do think my math teacher needs to be more clear...

My math teacher, before the first exam, stated that showing work was optional despite what was written on the test. She said that it was beneficial, that it could only help you. She repeats this as well right before the class takes the second exam. Fair enough, right? Until the second exam was graded and she stated that if you show your work, get the right answer, but you did the problem wrong you would get points marked off. This pretty much goes against her little speech on how showing work can ONLY be beneficial, that it could not count against you, etc. Each answer was worth five points. Since I did not do the problem right she marked four points off. I got the right answer.  One out of five. I mean, when you get the problem wrong but show the work you get half-credit. That's three point five out of five points. I understand you are supposed to get the concept done, but be more clear on how you grade, or stick to your word. If you change how you grade notify your students. Most of the students are her age or older.

That is the type of shit that annoys me. It'll annoy me throughout the class.


Going to close my boyfriend's account tomorrow. He's coming along, of course. Bank of America is evil.

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