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“i hate the games…but yeah, i’ll be buying them…”

"…but they suck.”

I don’t know about you, random user I saw on Youtube, but it sounds like you might just be buying the games just to have something to bitch and complain about for the new few months. You already stated that you hated the game, as well as the appearance of the Pokemon. Yes, let’s spent almost $35 on a game that you don’t have anything positive to say about.

Oh, and for the record.

Pokemon = Pocket Monsters. Stop fucking complaining that they do not look like animals. What part of Pocket MONSTERS do you not understand? They could look like the monster in your closet to a Electric/Ghost thing that can change into random objects, such as a fridge.


Oh, I have a final on Tuesday and then I am done with my math class. I retook a test and managed to almost do perfect, if it was not for the fact I got one question wrong. Oh well, jumping to 96% is still pretty epic considering I failed the class -twice- in the past. I am hoping to bump my overall grade from 87% to a 'A' through the final exam. I'll need an A---so here's to studying and relying on luck.

Then I have to house sit for my aunt, which I am getting paid for. I will have a month to relax before my fall semester starts.

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