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I hate Geek Squad, and I know I am not the only one who feels that way. Look on the internet and you will find plenty of complaints made against Geek Squad, and Best Buy who hosts them in their store. There are horror stories ranging from laptops never returning to warranties being completely ignored. As many times I have had my laptops, which includes the two previous ones I've owned, I am not surprised when it comes back with no operating system, scratches, or even having it break the next day. Recently I had to take my laptop back because it had screws missing. When there the Geek Squad guy noticed the power jack should be replaced. He also stated that the screws AND the power jack would be replaced for free considering that it is still under warranty for the next few months.

I have had power jacks replaced before, for no charge, even when that was not the issue that it was sent out for. I realize that they will do tests to see if everything it working, and if it does not pass it they will replace it.

A few days, maybe a week, after the laptop was shipped away they called my father, who was the one to buy the warranty, to say that they were going to charge him over $200 to repair the laptop. Wait, what? He fought that, and basically said if it was going to cost him he would pretty much take it to small claims court. My father is dramatic when it comes to shit like this, and I guess to a point I am. At the very least, the power jack should of been replaced for no charge. Then did it in the past, what was different not? There were no claims that the damage was caused by someone using the laptop. Just, "it is not under warranty." Yeah, that claim got thrown down pretty quickly.

Yesterday, they called saying that the laptop was in. We told them that we would be picking it up tomorrow. My dad wants to deal with themselves, to see if the laptop was working, etc. Today came, of course, as it is today, and they wanted him to pay more money to cover the shipping. This time they claimed that the laptop was not under warranty.  I call bullshit on that. You do not go from "it is just under warranty" to "there is no warranty" because that just sounds fishy.

My laptop is under warranty for another few months. If they want to make that claim, do it to someone who does not have the proof to back it up. Not my dad, who by the way, it making a complaint. He's one of the screaming, angry customers you hear about on customer's suck. I can't say I am proud of it, but I can see where his actions and feelings come from.

I am about to go investigate my laptop to see what repairs they have done.


No repairs. Refusal to repair the laptop due to my dad's refusal to pay the price.
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