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I told myself, "I would post at least one a week."

Well. I broke that promise over nine thousand times (/overused meme).

College got to me. I am burred under piles of math work, and I have a Abnormal Psychology exam this week. I am not ready, but that can be said for most college students, and besides, I will be able to take one sheet of notes (front and back) with me. Notes are be wonderful at reminding me of facts I forgot, or bullshitting answers.

On a lighter note, I have been with my boyfriend for two years now. Not counting that one online relationship that lasted about fours years, to a guy who doesn't even acknowledge my existence, I am pretty proud. Two years means that I have not done anything idiotic enough to cause a break-up. I truly love him, and hopefully the months and years will continue.

Perhaps I'll try to keep to my promises...this time. *sigh*

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